Hello, nice to meet you. I’m a queer, gender autonomous human who was born and raised in Scotland, did a stint in Canada and is now moving to The Netherlands. 

How did I end up running a fashion label? In January 2019 I lost my job. I took it pretty hard, I'd never lost a job before and I felt like a failure. I felt like everything I'd been working for had lit up in flames in front of me, and as an outrageously ambitious person, that felt particularly overwhelming. Once the dust had settled, my wife asked me what my next steps were. Obviously, "get a job" was pretty high on my list, but I didn't feel ready to go back into management or F&B. I felt like I had sacrificed a lot of my authenticity in order to get ahead. I was using pronouns that didn't suit me, because I didn't feel comfortable advocating for myself in the work environments I found myself in. I didn't always get to treat my team with compassion because of the whims of upper management. I wasn't myself. Step in my wife, Marie Glass. She's spent the last couple of years giving me an in-depth tailoring apprenticeship (she has almost 20 years experience), and supporting me on this journey to be as authentic and comfortable in my skin as possible. Now it's my goal to pass on that opportunity to be authentic and comfortable to every single person who buys our clothes.



I'm creating a gender autonomous queer clothing line that is paving the way for modern streetwear and challenging a part of the industry that can be exclusively male-dominated and queer exclusionary (despite fashion being historically rooted in queer culture). These clothes have been designed with comfort, inclusivity and everyday people in mind. Conforming to gender-normative clothing is over. I’m taking streetwear back to the LGBTQ+ community by making clothes for people who want to feel good and look good. I’m like you and I make clothes for us.



Each garment is designed, hand-made, packaged and shipped by one pair of hands. My hands. Nobody else’s. Each piece of clothing is unique. Every item bought goes directly to supporting a queer creative in the fashion industry. No big teams. No factories. No secrets. Just straight up, honest clothes that stand out from the crowd.



Every piece of fabric used is sourced locally and, as often as humanly possible, ‘dead bolt’ which means it’s vintage and no longer in production. Every garment is one-of-a-kind. Any leftover cuts of fabric are used to create pocket squares so that every yard bought is used and as little as possible is wasted. All printing is done locally in Toronto with Peace and Cotton using the most environmentally friendly dyes available and ensuring all of their suppliers are either Canadian, or at the very least, fair labour accredited. All packaging and shipping materials are either compostable or recyclable. When you order online, you won’t receive any fancy packaging. The loudest thing in the box will be the garment.



While it’s important to look good, it’s more important to feel good. We want to be comfortable. We want practicality. We want to be cool. And we all want pockets. Just not at the expense of the other. I blend the comfort and flexibility of natural fabrics that will breathe and wick as they should whilst oozing effortless style. Every garment is identical, simple and comfortable; loud, expressive and flamboyant; and cool as fuck. This dichotomy is what my design philosophy is all about.