We understand that our winter coats are expensive and that the sizing and options for customization might feel intimidating so we asked our instagram followers to help us create this snappy FAQ. Of course, if your question isn't answered here you're always welcome to reach out to us by email ( and we can help you out! 
Love, House of Glass

Q: Can I get a completely custom sized coat?
A: Unfortunately not at this time. We are, however, happy to customize the garment length and the length of the sleeve - but grading is a lot of work so we're just offering our established patterns (sizes) this year. 

Q: What if I'm between sizes?
A: From your measurements we can help you make the best decision. But as we said above, we're always happy to customize the length of either the garment or the sleeves. So if, for example, you want a long coat but have short arms, we won't send you home with something ill-fitting. We're here to chat about any and all concerns you might have about the fit, and we always want to make sure you look and feel sharp. 

Q: Can I have a patterned fabric?
A: Absolutely! The only thing to be aware of is that if you choose a large pattern there may be an extra charge to buy the added material necessary for pattern-matching. But we'll keep you in the loop before the scissors get to snipping!! 

Q: What's a "tottie"?
A: Lol! Tottie is a Scottish word that pretty much means smaller than small (wee-er than wee!) It's a pet name I gave to Marie and it seemed like the right name for a jacket in her size. 

Q: How do I choose custom fabrics?
A: For now, due to covid and to respect social distancing protocols, all consultations to select fabrics will be done remotely via facebook messenger or whatsapp. Together we will select an appointment time, either Marie or Roisin will then go to the fabric store at that time on your behalf and send you the following information to help you make your decision:

  • photos/videos of different suitable fabrics
  • descriptions and fibre content of suitable fabrics
  • care details of the fabrics that pique your interest

We will discuss all your options back and forth until you are able to make a choice. 

Q: Can I get samples of the fabrics before deciding?
A: The fabric stores that we work with do not cut snippets, and have a minimum cut of half a yard to a full yard depending on the store and the fabric. We're happy to purchase and send samples to you, but please be advised there is an hourly sourcing fee of $25/h plus the actual material cost of the samples. However, if you're Toronto local we can let you know where the best shops are so you can go see the fabrics in person. 

Q: How warm are the coats?
A: They are suitable for up to about -10 with normal winter dress underneath, like a sweater or blazer. On days colder than that, we would recommend a thin down layering piece like this one from Uniqlo. Ultimately, what makes our coats warm is the generous cut of the sleeves and the chest which allows for lots of layering and lots of airspace, and it's that airspace that keeps you warm.

Q: These coats are a real investment, how do I take care of it/maintain it?
A: Step one is grab a good shaped wooden or plastic suit hanger that is appropriate to your size, and always hang your jacket up. Fabric has a memory so hanging it by the loop inside the neck or on a shirt hanger that doesn't support the shoulders and weight of the coat are the fastest way to distort the shape. Second, be careful with your coat. Do your best not to spill on it or lean/sit on really abrasive surfaces like brick. If you do spill on it, please reach out for detailed stain removal advice if you feel you need the help! 

Q: How do I clean my coat? 
A: The answer might surprise you but best way to clean your coat is to wash it yourself. We'd recommend this over dry cleaning any day. Does that mean it's machine washable? ABSOLUTELY NOT.
Our instructions for washing your coat are:

  1. Wash by hand in tepid water in your bath tub, using woolite
  2. Swoosh your coat in soapy water for 20 minutes
  3. Rinse your coat thoroughly with running water until the water runs clear.
  4. Carefully roll  your coat up (avoid damaging the zip)
  5. Press the water out of it (you can press it with your hands or even step on it with clean feet)
  6. Once you've pressed out as much water as you can, roll your coat in a nice big absorbent towel or two and repeat steps 4 and 5.
  7. Lay your coat flat to dry partially (make sure you re-shape it as necessary)
  8. Once most of the weight of the water has gone, hang your coat on its special hanger to dry fully. 

Q: I don't know how to measure myself, will I need help?
A: We'll provide instructions and guidance along the way, you probably won't need a buddy but you will definitely need a measuring tape for sewing (not a ruler, not a piece of string, not a construction tape, please!) 

Q: What's the difference between the luxe and the simple?
A: The luxe has welt pockets, an interior welt pocket and hand pickstitching where the lining meets the facing. The simple has patch pockets, no interior pocket and machine stitching where the lining meets the facing. Fabric and lining selection are the same, just the construction details differ! 

Q: What are the options for lining?
A: The only textile we offer is a Kasha lining, which is satin on the good side (so your wooly sweater sleeves slide right in) but the wrong side of the fabric is flannel, which offers some additional warmth, wind resistance and durability over other types of lining, for example bemberg. Kasha lining has a wide selection of colour offerings, like cherry red, baby pink, gold and teal as well as the typical black, navy and grey. You're welcome to choose a lining that matches OR contrasts the shell of your coat!