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  • picture of St Kevin Jumper laying flat
  • technical drawing of house of glass jumper including measurements
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Saint Kevin Jumper

This fabric really spoke to me, I bought as much of it as was left and turned it into a lot of a different garments, this is it in it's Jumper iteration, enjoy!

Fabric: printed cotton


• handmade by House of Glass
• classic House of Glass silhouette
• classic House of Glass cuffs, neck and hem
• black and gold #5 zipper

All fabrics are locally and sustainably sourced, and all garments are handmade in Canada by Oisín and Marie Glass.

Sizing & Fit

One size fits many. This garment will fit people up to 3xl.

Arm Length - 31” 
Chest - 52” 
Waist - 50” 
Body Length - 29” 
Bicep - 27”

Care Instructions

Hand wash. Air dry on a good quality hanger.