We’re Marie and Oisín Glass, we're wives, and we design and hand produce gender autonomous streetwear together in our Toronto studio. Marie (she/her) is a tailor with over 20 years experience working in a myriad of environments encompassing everything from film & tv, high end men’s suiting, bridal wear and teaching. Oisín (they/them) is a Scottish artist who, nowadays, spends most of their time sewing and designing for House of Glass but also works in costume in tv/film. 

photo courtesy of Jennifer Moher

This is us on our wedding day - Marie is wearing the first House of Glass tracksuit we ever made (you can shop The Wedding Tracksuit here).  This tracksuit marks the very beginning of our journey to designing our signature House of Glass silhouette, because before we were making clothes for you, we were making clothes for us! 

House of Glass is a gender-autonomous, size inclusive queer-owned clothing company, designed with comfort, style and our fellow queers in mind. In silhouette, size and style we step outside the binary. We're like you and we make clothes for us.

Our clothes are all designed, produced and packaged by us in our Toronto studio. Every garment bought goes directly to supporting queer creatives (us!) in the fashion industry. No big teams. No factories. No secrets. Just straight up, honest clothes that stand out from the crowd.

Each piece of our clothing is unique. With the exception of a few small runs and permanent staples, all of our garments are one of a kind. We drop new pieces on the first Sunday of every month, so whether you need some basics or a statement piece, we have something for you.

Every piece of fabric we use is sourced locally and, as often as humanly possible, ‘dead bolt’ which means it’s vintage and no longer in production. Often our garments are one of a kind because there literally isn’t any more fabric in existence to make another. Any leftover cuts of fabric are either used to create pocket squares, donated to a great community of scrap quilters, or donated to a local queer art therapist. Every yard of fabric bought is used and as little as possible is wasted.

All packaging and shipping materials are either compostable or recyclable. When you order online, you won’t receive any fancy packaging. The loudest thing in the box will be your garment.

As often as we can, we’re running a business that aligns with our values - buying materials locally from people we know in shops that have been a vibrant part of the Toronto design community for decades. Making garments ourselves for a fair wage and selling them for a fair mark-up that allows us to re-invest in our business, and to continue this beautiful cycle. 

Over the last year, we’ve experienced a demand for merch (more affordable items like tees, long sleeves, hats etc). We appreciate that more people want to wear our clothes and support our business. It’s led us on a hunt for ethical and affordable production facilities. We now partner with Known Supply to make our t-shirts, hats and bandanas.

While it’s important to look good, it’s more important to feel good. We believe that being fashionable is a feeling. It’s feeling a million bucks no matter what you’re wearing. We get that feeling from our House of Glass pieces and we hope that you can find something in our collection that makes you feel that way too.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! If you have any questions or need to chat to us please reach out at hello@houseofglass.ca
Marie & Oisín