House of Glass are a wife and wife duo who live and create in Toronto, Canada. Marie Glass (she/her) is a tailor with over 20 years experience working in a myriad of environments encompassing everything from film & tv, high end mens suiting, bridal wear, and teaching. Oisín Glass (they/them) is a Scottish artist who works in performance, music, and, through House of Glass, fashion. 


We're creating a gender autonomous queer clothing line and designing with comfort, inclusivity and everyday people in mind. Conforming to gender-normative clothing is over. We're taking fashion back to the LGBTQ+ community by making clothes for people who want to feel good and look good. We're like you and we make clothes for us.


Each garment is designed, hand-made, packaged and shipped by us. Each piece of clothing is unique. Every item bought goes directly to supporting queer creatives in the fashion industry. No big teams. No factories. No secrets. Just straight up, honest clothes that stand out from the crowd.


Every piece of fabric used is sourced locally and, as often as humanly possible, ‘dead bolt’ which means it’s vintage and no longer in production. Every garment is one-of-a-kind. Any leftover cuts of fabric are used to create pocket squares so that every yard bought is used and as little as possible is wasted. All printing is done locally in Toronto with Peace and Cotton using the most environmentally friendly dyes available and ensuring all of their suppliers are either Canadian, or at the very least, fair labour accredited. All packaging and shipping materials are either compostable or recyclable. When you order online, you won’t receive any fancy packaging. The loudest thing in the box will be the garment.


While it’s important to look good, it’s more important to feel good. We want to be comfortable. We want practicality. We want to be cool. And we all want pockets. Just not at the expense of the other. House of Glass blends the comfort and flexibility of natural fabrics that will breathe and wick as they should whilst oozing effortless style. Every garment is identical, simple and comfortable; loud, expressive and flamboyant; and cool as fuck. This dichotomy is what our design philosophy is all about.