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The Baby Jesus Gender Neutral Bomber Jacket – a small but mighty addition to your toddler's wardrobe. This tiny baby jacket, aptly named after everyone's favourite baby, Jesus, is the epitome of style for the next generation. Handmade with love in our Toronto studio, the Baby Jesus bomber is a complete one-off - crafted from vintage and deadbolt fabrics.

Proudly standing as a Toronto brand staple, House of Glass celebrates the diversity and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community through each unique piece. While our jackets may be small, they're big on style and versatility, offering a unisex design that's as fashion-forward as it is inclusive.

As a queer-owned brand, we're about more than just creating unisex clothes. We're about ensuring each garment encapsulates the spirit of House of Glass, allowing you and your little ones to not only look good but feel good about the choices you make. So whether you identify as gay, genderqueer, non-binary, or an ally, we invite you to let your little ones make a statement in our Baby Jesus Bomber Jackets that are as unique, bold and charming as they are.


• high quality rayon lining
• faux welt pockets
• #5 zipper in black
• classic House of Glass collar, cuffs and hem.

All fabrics are locally and sustainably sourced, and all garments are handmade in Canada by Oisín and Marie Glass.

Sizing & Fit

Size T2

Care Instructions

Hand wash. Air dry on a good quality hanger.