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  • Picture of two models. One is wearing the House of Glass Saint Sabbas Bomber Jacket and the other is wearing the Saint Peter Bomber Jacket
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Experience the nostalgic vibes of your primary school days with our Saint Peter II Gender Neutral Bomber Jacket, named after the renowned Edinburgh institution that inspired its design. This jacket evokes the exhilaration of parachute games and carefree moments on the playground.

Handcrafted with precision in our Toronto studio, this bomber jacket is a testament to our commitment to uniqueness. Made from sturdy duck canvas, it features an eye-catching colour scheme with an orange and green front, a blue sleeve, a red sleeve, and a vibrant yellow back. The combination of these bold hues creates a striking visual impact. Inside, you'll find a purple paisley patterned rayon lining that adds an extra touch of style and comfort. The jacket is adorned with gold snaps, providing a touch of elegance to this standout piece.

Our gender-neutral bomber jackets are more than just garments; they embody the celebration of diversity and resilience within the LGBTQ+ community. With their unisex silhouette and fashionable design, they cater to individuals of all genders and body types. The incorporation of raglan sleeves not only adds a functional element but also enhances the jacket's stylish appeal. Each bomber jacket is meticulously crafted using a unique blend of high-quality textiles, ensuring that you find the perfect choice that aligns with your personal style.

At House of Glass, we take pride in being a queer-owned brand that celebrates individuality and empowers you to express yourself boldly. Our bombers aren't simply unisex clothes—they represent a spirit and a statement. Whether you identify as gay, genderqueer, non-binary, or an ally, our jackets provide a canvas for you to make a unique and bold statement. Join us in embracing the diversity and fashion-forward spirit of House of Glass and let your style speak volumes.


• handmade by House of Glass
• classic House of Glass silhouette
• classic House of Glass cuffs, neck and hem
• high quality rayon lining
• high quality snaps and finishings

All fabrics are locally and sustainably sourced, and all garments are handmade in Canada by Oisín and Marie Glass.

Sizing & Fit

One size fits many. This garment will fit people up to 3xl.

Arm Length - 31” 
Chest - 52” 
Waist - 50” 
Hips Flat - 36” 
Hips Max - 51” 
Body Length - 29” 
Bicep - 27”

Care Instructions

Hand wash. Air dry on a good quality hanger.

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